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Doggy - Pet Store

About the Project:

A medium-sized company that provides products and services for dogs both physically and digitally, which is their primary presence and focus.


Expand its presence in the digital world, reinvent and unify the physical and online businesses, considering the aspects of the branding study. Additionally, the company wants to add a clothing line to its products.  For that, the website and the mobile app were reformulated based on the company's mission, values, culture, and data-driven aspects, such as the customer's demographic information, which includes age, gender, geographical location, education level, etc. Deepening the studies, complex categories segmentation, such as behavioral, has also been considered.

Magazine open on a two page article, in which the first page is the title with a couple beneath the stars and the second page is the article with a few images.

Logo Design

To design the logo, I had to consider how the company wanted to be seen by its stakeholders and the value it wanted to convey.

For that, a combination of lively colors, typography work, and a creative logo and tagline have been designed to give off a playful and joyful aspect to the company.

Logo of a pet shop brand.

Website Concept

Based on the current database the website had available, I had access to the most visited pages, menus, categories, and products. With that in mind, a user journey was thought of to conceptualize the final version of the website. Using the UX as a cornerstone, I designed the entire UI.​

Additionally, I requested user research with customers and non-customers, with qualitative and quantitative data, to ensure how fluid the navigation in a real case scenario is. Furthermore, I suggested that any modification or accretion to the website is only to be launched online with a high rate of "A/B test" success data.

Front page of a pet store website.

Mobile App

In the mobile application, just as in the website, the current data was considered to establish the menu order, list of products, and categories. The UI was based upon it.

To ensure the fluidity of the app, I developed a study case with the most relevant companies in the sector. With that, I was able to map out the consistencies amongst different apps such as navigation, filters, and account configuration.

In addition, using reviews of real users of these applications, I improved the aspects of the app such as tracking method visualization, easy-to-find support button, notification of each step of the purchase orders.

Two pages of the app of the pet store.

Physical Store

The logo was designed to stay consistent in different situations. This concept of the physical store displays the logo with a black background and may be suitable for a high-end location.

Luminous hanging sign of a pet store with a black background.

Physical Store - Variation

The aforementioned versatility comes into play in this concept. The logo is able to combine and adjust perfectly with a more upbeat and lively background.

Luminous hanging sign of a pet store with a white background.

Clothing Line Concept

Doggy intends to provide the full range of pet products on physical/online/mobile stores and, additionally, offer casual but comforting clothing line for its customers.

Title of an article about travel written "Travel with your lover" with stars and a heart on background.

Clothing Line

Merging the aspects of demographic, socio-economic, and cultural factors through data-driven research, I conceptualized different personas. Considering those characteristics, the best appropriate material, aspect, and the manufacturer will be chosen, and we are able to launch the clothing line. Additionally, the marketing team will have the best approach to promote the collection digitally and physically.

Final version of an article of two pages about stock market elaborated on the software Adobe InDesign.

Behind the Scenes


I made several sketches of the to-be mascot in the doggy logo. Considering the company's culture as "decentralized," I decided to expand the creative process to include both internal and external opinions and tastes when choosing the final version.

6 drawings of dogs with different aspects.

Physical Store - Variation

After the sketch phase, it was time to conceptualize the drawing into the logo. As an auxiliary tool, I used the golden ratio to achieve a symmetrical and pleasing result at the end.

Drawing of the head of a dog using golden ratio.

Website & Mobile Presentation

Not a requirement on the project, but hoping to improve my editing skills in Premiere Pro in conjunction with After Effects, I developed a brief presentation of the website and the mobile application.

Home page of the website of a professional editing software company in which the heading states: "Professional editing software now with AI"