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Profile picture of Gabriel Belisiario, a UX / UI designer based in São Paulo.


Greetings! My name is Gabriel Belisiario.
I have a degree in Marketing, an MBA in Business Management, a postgraduate degree in Digital Marketing, an MBA in Controllership and Corporate Finance, and an MBA in Digital Business.

With a brief passage in Digital Marketing, I worked in media management, support, design, and data analysis. Since 2020 I have been working in the User Experience Design area, first as an individual and later as a legal entity with the creation of the company Belisiario.

With experience in national and international projects, I have worked through all phases of UX: from exploratory research and validation of hypotheses, creation of wireframes and prototypes in low, medium, and high fidelity, interviews and usability tests with users, to intermediation with the technology team for the delivery of documentation and product development guidelines.

Observation: The information contained in the projects presented may have been altered from the original version due to reasons of confidentiality.  

Softwares I work or have worked with:

◦ Figma
◦ Adobe Photoshop
◦ Adobe Illustrator
◦ Adobe InDesign
◦ Adobe Premiere Pro
◦ Adobe After Effects
◦ Adobe XD
◦ Adobe Acrobat
◦ CorelDRAW
◦ Microsoft Word
◦ Microsoft Excel
◦ Microsoft PowerPoint
◦ Microsoft Outlook
◦ Notion
◦ Trello
◦ Protopie
◦ Bootstrap Studio
◦ VS Code
◦ VMware Workstation
◦ Google Ads
◦ Google Analytics
◦ Google Tag Manager
◦ Looker Studio
◦ Camtasia
◦ OBS Studio
◦ Sony Vegas
◦ Canva
◦ InVision
◦ Miro
◦ Framer
◦ InVision

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Postgraduate Degree in User Experience


2023 - 2024

MBA in Digital Business


2021 - 2023

MBA in Controllership and Corporate Finances


2021 - 2021

Postgraduate Degree in Digital Marketing


2021 - 2021

MBA in Business Management


2020 - 2021

Degree in Marketing


2018 - 2020